Bosom P-Yung visits Sarkodie in his home

Bosom P-Yung with Sarkodie

The hottest musician in Ghana music industry right now, Bosom P-Yung has paid a surprise visit on the fastest rapper on the land, Sarkodie.

The latest internet sensation presented to Sarkodie one of his yet to be released songs.

In a video shared on Instagram, Sarkodie is seen jamming to the tune of Bosom P-Yung.

Bosom P-Yung has taken Ghana music by storm with his popular hit track, Atta Adwoa.

Ghanaians are really loving his song and social media is also buzzing right now.

In an interview with, Bosom P-Yung said his style of music is very unique.

Bosom Pyung raps in his native language, Twi and also has this funny way of putting out his stuff which is dope.

He also has also stated that Sarkodie is his idol and high above all rappers in Ghana.

Kenya: Khaligraph Disses Nigeria’s Blaqbonez as Their Beef Over African Award


Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has released a new track dissing Nigerian based rapper Blaqbonez.

This is after the Nigerian said that Khaligraph did not deserve the award he recently received at the annual Soundcity MVP awards in Lagos, Nigeria where he was voted Africa’s Best Hip hop act.

And on Tuesday Khaligraph released the song titled Best Rapper in Nigeria hitting out at the Blaqbonez.

He starts off by warning Blaqbonez to keep off or else he will ruthlessly deal with him and leave his relatives in tears.

In one line, Khaligraph brags about how he spotted Blaqbonez in an Uber as he was crisscrossing the streets of Abuja in a G-wagon.

“I spotted you in Lagos, you were seen riding in an Uber cab while I was on a G-wagon, I could not help but pity you, I would leave it in the past but it’s unfortunate that your own people are treating you like trash,” Khaligraph sings.


He goes ahead to remind the Nigerian artiste that he is the best rapper in Africa while describing himself as the ‘GOAT.’

Khaligraph also reminds Blaqbonez that he beat him in his own game while his supporters watched in dismay.

He finally tells the musician that there must be conditions he should have to meet before the beef between them could end.

In his own words, Blaqbonez claimed that Khaligraph did not deserve the award as he could not rap as good as he does.

He also promised to release a diss-track on the same.

My daughter should marry a mature man – Lady Jaydee’s ex-husband Tanzania

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Lady Jay Dee’s ex-husband Gardner G Habash has ignited debate in Tanzania after confessing that he would love any sponsor to date or marry his 25-year-old daughter, Malkia Karen.

According to the veteran presenter, Malkia should find a man with great financial power or one who is much older than her.

Speaking to vlogger Zamarind Mkitema in an interview which he surprisingly appeared alongside his daughter, Gardner stressed that her male age-mates can’t afford to take care of her.

“Mimi ningetamani awe na mtu mkubwa mwenye umri kama wa kwangu, amtunze kwa sababu watu wa umri wake hawawezi kumuelewa wala hawawezi kumsaidia chochote.

“Mtu mwenye umri kama wa Karen labda miaka miwili, mitatu, minne aliyempita mbele ana nini? Yeye mwenyewe anatafuta maisha halafu unapewa mzigo kama huu atauweza?” posed the 45-year-old.

Habash has been bankrolling his daughter who is a bourgeoning Bongo Flava musician who debuted in March 2018 and has since dropped over four singles.


Singer Akon finalises agreements for futuristic ‘Akon City’ in Senegal

Senegalese-American singer Akon has announced the finalisation of agreements a futuristic city named after him.

The 46-year-old musician who has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur in the recent past expressed enthusiasm at closing the deal for ‘Akon City,’ a ‘renewable’ city with a focus on solar energy.

“Looking forward to hosting you there in the future,” he wrote.

The ‘Smack That’ singer originally announced plans for the ‘crypto city’ city in 2018 which sits on a 2,000- acre piece of land he was gifted by Senegal’s President Macky Sall.

Speaking to Nick Cannon in December 2019, Akon explained his goals for the city saying “It’s a 10-year building block so we’re doing it in stages. We started construction in March and stage two is going to be 2025,” he said at the time.

AKoin cryptocurrency

The futuristic city will exclusively trade in digital cash dubbed AKoin, which Akon arguing that the technology can help Africans to become less-dependent on their governments.

“I think that blockchain and crypto could be the saviour for Africa in many ways because it brings the power back to the people… Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology offer a more secure currency that enables people in Africa to advance themselves independent of the government,” he said.

“The Akoin Ecosystem unlocks the potential of the world’s largest emerging economy through the creation of a trusted cryptocurrency with a vision to stimulate and innovate, revenue-generating opportunities that support and empower youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world,”

Solar Power

In 2015, the singer announced venturing into solar power with the aim of providing electricity for 600 million Africans through the Akon Lighting Africa initiative.

According to reports, Akon Lighting Africa has thus far installed solar systems in 14 African countries.

Check out artist’s impressions of the futuristic city:

Jux addresses alleged split with girlfriend, avoiding Mdee and Rotimi Tanizia

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Tanzanian singer Juma Mussa aka Juma Jux has come out to refute claims he has split with his girlfriend, Nayika Thongom and that he is avoiding his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee.

Word on the street had it that the Utaniua crooner flew out of Tanzania after learning that Vanessa Mdee was coming back to the country accompanied by her boyfriend Olurotimi Akinosho aka Rotimi.

Speaking during an interview with Global Publishers, Jux explained that he is equally surprised by the rumours, adding that December being holiday season, he resolved to fly out for a vacation in Malaysia.

“Sijamkimbia Vanessa eti kwa sababu amekuja na mpenzi wake. Nilikuwa na ratiba zangu za kwenda Malaysia kwa ajili ya ‘kuspendi’ kidogo, unajua ulikuwa mwisho wa mwaka, sasa kila mtu ana dizaini ya maisha yake.

“Mimi huwa natoka kwenda sehemu yoyote ambayo najisikia kwenda. Ilibidi niende, sasa nashangaa kuona maneno mitandaoni kuwa nilimkimbia. Hilo si kweli, siku ambayo walikuja iligongana na siku ambayo mimi nilikuwa nimeondoka Bongo,” said Jux.

It is said that Rotimi had accompanied Vanessa to her hometown ahead of her New Year’s Eve performance at the Velisas concert held at Kawe Beach, Tanzania.

“Had to come to Tanzania to start the decade off right with my baby. They call me shemeji outchea,” said the Power actor.

Documenting the day, Vanessa Mdee also posted a picture with Rotimi on her Instagram with the caption, “closingSpeaking on his relationship with Nayika, Jux confirmed that they are still together. He added that they even went on holiday together, pointing out that a lot of false information is being spread on social media.

“Pia walikuwa wanasema nimeachana na mpenzi wangu Nayika, si kweli, sijaachana naye na nilikuwa naye huko, lakini ndiyo hivyo maneno ya mtandaoni huwa nayaangalia na kuachana nayo,” he continued.

Jux and Nayika started dating early 2019 almost immediately after his split from long term girlfriend and musical counterpart Mdee.

The break up however took a toll and Vanessa admitted to crying for hours, starving  herself and even canceling shows to be alone.
this epic decade in style with my baby @Rotimi. Ni mara yake ya kwanza kabisa kuja Tanzania.”


CRL Commission to discuss Khabonina Qubeka’s placenta lawsuit against hospital SA

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JOHANNESBURG – Cultural and linguistic organisation (CRL) will meet on Thursday to discuss a complaint filed by actress and choreographer Khabonina Qubeka against Life Bedford Gardens Hospital after her placenta was destroyed, against her wishes.

Qubeka claims her placenta was burned despite her signing a legal agreement with the private hospital to preserve the tissue after the birth of her daughter in 2018.

She said she wanted to keep it for cultural reasons and claimed she lost R40 million because of the hospital.

The actress said the negligence of the hospital jeopardised a health and wellness show she was working on, centred around the health benefits of preserving placenta.

he said she had already spent R20 million on production but wanted to double this amount from the hospital claiming it robbed her child of an important aspect of her life.

“Shooting all of that content cost me money because I’m planning on continuing this whole experience culturally, when you feel sick you use the placenta traditionally, she’s never going to experience it.”

The CRL commission’s Mpiyakhe Mkholo said they were prioritising the matter.
It remains to be seen how the Life Healthcare Hospital will deal with the case.

Tiken Jah Fakoly sings his declaration of love to Africa in the ‘We Love Africa’ music

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        Ivorian reggae man shows his pride in being African in the joyful visuals of “We Love Africa” from his latest album, Le monde est chaud.

For his tenth album, Tiken Jah Fakoly went back to his roots by recording at home, in the Radio Libre studios he built in Abidjan. The result is an undeniably powerful work in which he delivers the substance of his thoughts on the critical situations taking place right in front of us: the climate emergency, the dramas caused by immigration and the exploitation of Africa are the main themes of this record. In the midst of all its strong themes, the track “We Love Africa” serves as a lighter anthem on the pride of being African and the union of the continent to defend its wealth.

      A few days ago, Tiken Jah Fakoly revealed the clip video of this unifying song. He staged it around a group of young African men and women in traditional clothing, celebrating their love for Africa in a unifying dance movement.

LOL! Mihlali PhotoShops Her Crush Into Her Selfie

View image on Twitter


Mihlali recently confirmed she has a bae, and now she’s provided the proof to back her claims up…

There’s just one question – who’s fooling who?

Mihlali posted a very Photoshopped pic of her alongside her celebrity crush Drake, and we couldn’t help but find the whole thing hilarious!
What’s more, the ‘couple’ are pictured wearing traditional wear with Mihlali captioning the pic: “Throwback to our wedding”.

We’re laughing on the outside, but on the inside we’re concerned the YouTuber has some stalker tendencies.
That’s because the beauty blogger has long documented her fondness of the US rapper and will take any opportunity to let us know he’s taken (in her dreams, of course)

Tshatha has been suspended from Ukhozi FM

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Ukhozi FM has suspended Tshatha for his distasteful social media conduct towards fans on Facebook.

By now, staunch listeners of Ukhozi FM’s breakfast show would have noticed that the lively Khathide Tshatha Ngobe has been muted.

The DJ’s social media conduct has landed him in hot water with Ukhozi’s management team. It all started when Facebook user, Potshozah Ndonga accused Tshata of taking a strong liking to Maskandi artist, Khuzani Mpungose – which prompted Tshatha to retaliate.

However the drama didn’t end there.  Another Facebook fan, Nhlonipho Masente got Tshatha’s blood boiling after inquiring about SABC’s latest scandal between Owen Ndlovu and Ukhozi FM,

The powers that be got wind of this disturbing interaction between Tshatha and the fans on Facebook. The team then swiftly exercised their powers as management.
He (Tshatha) was called for a hearing and he admitted. He apologised to management and he was even willing to apologise on his show, as well as on his Facebook page.”
“However he will have to serve his suspension before he makes his public apologies.” said the source.
SABC Spokeswoman, Mmoni Seapolelo confirmed Tshatha’s suspension:
“The SABC can confirm that Ukhozi FM presenter, Tshatha is not air. However the SABC is not in a position to go int o details. “

Sounds of Sasaab: Bringing traditional music to a global audience kenya


A group of Nairobi DJs have been working for 18 months on a project to sample the sounds and songs from remote, traditional Kenyan communities.

They then sent the sounds to musicians, DJs and producers around the world for them to turn into music.

They have also released an album and video documentary about the projects, with money raised funding a local school.

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