Oga Obinna criticized for mocking Tanzanian actress with dwarfism

Comedian and radio presenter Oga Obinna is under fire following a recent Instagram post. The comedian shared a photo of a heavily pregnant Tanzanian actress Tausi Mdegela.

What rattled his fans was the caption that accompanied the post. What seemed to be a funny joke to the popular comedian, was interpreted as gross disrespect by majority of his followers who termed his choice of words as offensive.

In the post, the father of four said that men have no limits and wondered why any man would impregnate someone like Tausi who has dwarfism. Obinna tagged Joe Muchiri and Blak Aende who also went on to joke about the post.

His joke, however, did not please many who called him out for pulling such a stunt.

The obviously agitated fans went on to say that he should have respect for all human beings, as some asked for God’s forgiveness on his life.

Actress-cum-comedienne Esther Chebet also weighed in on Obinna’s post which he has since deleted. Speaking from an experienced perceptive, Chebet said that the post was inappropriate and shameful.

“As a mother raising a special need child, I find this post inappropriate and shameful. Tausi is an amazing woman I have interacted with her on several occasions. She just had a baby the other day with her husband Chris,” she said.


“Inauma sana kuona mtu anaeheshimika kama wewe kufanya utani ulemavu. Kaka hujafa hujaumbika. Kumbuka bado uzazi unao. This is the kind of cyber bullying my son and others should prepare for! Today you’ve proved that just being exposed to the real world doesn’t change your mindset. Mbilikimo pia ni binaadam wenye hisia tu kama watoto wenu mnaowazaa. I pray you don’t get yourself in a situation where you’ll have to explain to the world why your child is as he or she is,” she added.

Its indeed clear that the comedian rubbed his online fans the wrong way. However, in a separate post, it looks like the comedian is un-bothered by the anger he sparked online.

Laughs off criticism

In another post, Obinna argued that he was only joking and many people took-his joke way too seriously.

“These jokes don’t need Makasiriko. Feelings receipts below? John 8:7 Now that I have your attention – check my brand new jam on YouTube…”he unapologetically posted.

Tausi has never shied away from sharing details of her pregnancy with her fans, together with her husband who goes by the name Chris. The two welcomed a bouncing baby girl a week ago.

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