Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram’s husband charged with murder

Nancy Ajram

According to the National News Agency of Lebanon, famed singer Nancy Ajram’s husband Fadi Al-Hachem has been charged with murder by public-prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, judge Ghada Aoun.

The judge said the charge might be dropped if the defence proves Al-Hachem acted in self-defence. The judge asked for the footage from Ajram’s home surveillance cameras.

The preliminary footage released on local television network MTV showed a masked man holding what appeared to be a gun.

The charge comes after Al-Hachem shot dead an intruder by firing at him several times on 5 January. Allegedly, the intruder broke into the house with the purpose of theft.

The case has raised media interest due to Ajram’s popularity, while the intruder was identified as 30-year-old Mohamed Hassan Moussa, of Syrian origin.

Shortly after the incident, Al-Hachem was detained for questioning and later released.

The couple’s children were in the house at the time of the incident.

Ajram shot to fame with ‘Akhasmak Ah’ video clip almost two decades ago, and has since become one of the most popular pop singers in the Arab region, producing a series of hit albums and starring in the most prestigious international talent shows.

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