African Entertainers Condemns Sex For Grades In Higher Institutions.

After the release of a documentary on how females are being objectified in higher institutions by male lecturers hit the internet, most entertainers have taken to their social media accounts to lash out.

So many people have also stated that this barbaric act doesn’t only occur in Higher Institutions but also in the entertainment industry and cooperate sector where ladies are being forced to sleep with men in order to get jobs, acting roles admissions and good grades regardless of their age.

Because these ladies are in vulnerable positions, most of them give in to the pressure of their predators and the believe because these men are wealth and in power, reporting the authorities would most likely yield no result.

Most female students dropped out of school because they wouldn’t want to yield to the pressures from their lecturers to have sex with them and as a result their grades in school suffers.

Although some Higher Institutions have claimed they have a strict no policy for student and lecturers intimacy, this incidents have been happening West African Institutions for decades and nothing has been done about it.

These lecturers sometimes hide behind religion to gain the trust of these students before turning to their prey for sexual abuse and threaten them against speaking up and most of them often justifies their acts by saying their both consenting adults and human beings.

The mixed feelings that this research has caused has some people blaming ladies for dressing provocatively and seducing lecturers for good grades and has condemned lecturers and female students who engage inĀ  this act and has asked them to desist from this nasty act.


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