Jidenna Says “Nigerians Are Not Criminals, They Are Just Smarter Than A Lot Of People”.

Nigerian-American singer Jidenna  in a recent interview talks about Africa and most countries he visited in his last tour and how it inspired his new album. The Grammy nominated singer also says the reason why his people are known for scamming is not because Nigerians are criminals, but “because we’re smarter than a lot of people,” he said.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Jidenna pretty much said Nigerians excel in everything they do because they are naturally gifted and ambitious and for that reason they end up being the best at what they do.


Popular Nigerian media personality Deji Faremi slammed Jidenna on Twitter for condoning cyber crime and this has stirred up mixed feeling among the fans. He says there is no difference between what Naira Marley said on tweeter, promoting “yahoo yahoo” and what he has said.

Many fans and followers agreed with Deji, others came to Jidenna’s defense saying he is just saying Nigerians always Excel in whatever they choose to do because Nigerians are smarter, be it medicine, sports, scamming etc.

The “Bambi” singer appeared on The Breakfast Club to promote his new album “85 to Africa,” and he also spoke about African history and Black investment in the Motherland.

“To me we have to start thinking like citizens and immigrants at the same time. We have to think like anywhere there’s Black people, that’s yours. Especially Black Americans. When you feel landless, when you feel flagless you can take it one way and be like we have no home or you can be like everywhere is home,” Jidenna said.

According to his website, Jidenna will kick off a U.S. tour on October 2, 2019.

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